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Echo Communications, Inc. is a digitally integrated, commercial printer and mailer located in New London, New Hampshire since 1997 although our roots go back much further as the Country Press,  AccuMail and The Kearsarge Shopper®.

If you are an existing customer, we appreciate your support and business as we strive to provide friendly, efficient service for all your print communication needs.

If you are new to Echo Communications, we invite you to review our specialties in detail, see what others have to say about us, and let us help you with your next printing or mailing project.

We hope you will choose Echo Communications as a service partner to provide you with the added value you expect and deserve.

Our printing process is alcohol free to minimize VOC emissions and we use aluminum plates for excellent image stability and full recyclability of our used materials. We use paper with post-consumer recycled content whenever possible or requested. We recycle nearly all of our paper scraps to keep unused paper from landfills. In addition, we recycle as much of our glass and plastic containers as possible, including items from our lunch room!

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"We've gotten lots of praise for the magazine, and a big part of that is the quality of the printing; thank you for all your help with it! We will be doing another magazine next year and will definitely be sending it to you for printing!"

Heather Magaw

Kennebunkport Conservation Trust

"The newsletter looked great and I was very happy with everything. The team there is so helpful!"

~ Emily O'Rourke, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire

"I would like to take this chance to say it's been a pleasure working with Echo Communications so far. It's really nice to get a person on the phone and the follow up was great. We had to work out a couple kinks as it was our first time through and I found your staff to be helpful."

~ Brian Gagnon - Volunteer and Communications Coordinator, Squam Lakes Association

"We were very happy with the newsletter! It looks great!  The  staff were great to work with too. One of our major donors sent me a letter saying how great he thought the newsletter was! I will be in touch in a few weeks to do our Fall Appeal."

~Deborah Shelton - Pope Memorial Humane Society, Cocheco Valley

"Yes, the journals are great - just as we wanted them. And the delivery was fantastic. Your driver was so helpful in moving all the boxes and he was super friendly. We really appreciate your patience as we had to work through the payment process with our new partners at UNH. You and your team have been easy to work with and we are more than satisfied."

Christine White

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Academy of Applied Science

"Everything went well and we are having an incredible response. Thanks as always for the work your team did - especially when it comes to communication. Very appreciated."

~Erin Kennedy, Beaver Brook Association

"You guys are AMAZINGLY AWESOME! You have saved me once again. In fact, I just got off the phone with my European colleagues who were supposed to bring 50 full Euro-style catalogs to the meeting on Thursday but informed me they were not finished. So without the ones you guys did, I'd be out of luck."

~ Jason Stadler, Elan USA

The Hang Tags are great. The position of the punch hole is 1000x better and will help for sure. I haven’t received any more orders yet that use these but will be ready to roll. Thanks!

-Paul Dubois
Safety Made (A Division of Acme United Corporation)

"Thanks for checking in. The Furrier Gazette newsletters look great. We've received a bunch of postitive feedback already. I appreciate the guidance from everyone at ECHO. The goal is for things to be much smoother on our end for the next mailing in August"

Kasey Bielecki

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Pope Memorial Humane Society

"I was absolutely stunned to have a board member walk into the office holding his copy of the appeal yesterday. You got the letters out so fast!
It looks amazing, everybody loves it. I am so happy you were able to take us on as a client.
Thank you for all you do."
Krystal Balanoff
Executive Director, Bear-Paw Regional Greenways